I was a little late getting to the Devney Perry party, but I've absolutely binged since I arrived. And I am so in love with this series. Because even though they are interconnected they are also complete stand alones. And when I picked up this one it picked up several years after the last one and I loved it.


When I saw one of the teasers for it, I assumed the single parent was Ronan since he was the character I hadn't already met. And Larke didn't have any kids so once I started it and realised that time had moved on in Calamity it made everything in my brain settle. Because I didn't have that tickle of "oh yeah I kinda remember reading that in the last one, but I can't fully remember and now I feel like I'm missing something obvious." I'll be honest, with my goldfish memory happens a lot more than I like.


Diving into this I was immediately in love with Ronan. And I already knew I loved Larke, but her fierce love and devotion to Wren made me love her more. Although Ronan was amazing with Wren and made me feel all warm and fuzzy with how he stepped up to the plate and put himself out there.


The book as always, had the perfect mix of intrigue, smoking hot chemistry, super sweet moments, and just wonderful writing. Sadly, now we have to wait for the next one, but luckily, I still have a heap of Devney's books on my TBR just waiting for me.





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