To the Karen who has reported two of my posts today that were both over 3 years old, I am sorry you found those posts offensive. Maybe next time you might consider sending me an email and explaining why you found a romance book release blitz or blog tour offensive. 

I understand that you don't know me but here's the thing. Its 5 days before Christmas and our household is insane right now. Much like every other household I imagine. My blog is something I actually do purely for me as an escape from the world and to give back to the romance authors who provide me with a break from the very real fact that there are so many horrible people walking around and I have to hear about the shit things they do to their children. 

The main part of our insane time right now is aside from our 5 biological children we currently have 4 foster children. Which in and of itself makes Christmas insane. But this year is especially horrible as one of our children is being reunified with his father, which normally would be a good thing except it has triggered his PTSD, so we have a 7-year-old in a constant state of fight or flight screaming that we don't care because we are making him go back to his dad who is going to hurt him. And when we have tried to speak to the people who actually make these decisions their answer was to speed up the reunification. 

So, after having a Pepper Pig house launched at my leg and a whole room trashed and a reindeer beheaded and being screamed at about how my 4-year-old foster baby is a fucking bitch for two hours because she made the mistake of asking why he was throwing said Pepper Pig house at me. We have all of the children in bed, and I have retired to my bedroom to unwind and post a blog tour to my blog to find 2 posts have been reported. Funnily enough I sent them to be reviewed after making zero changes, because I couldn't see how they violated anything, and both have been reinstated. Because despite me having an 18+ warning on my blog I generally don't post a single thing that would warrant that warning.

Anyway, normally I wouldn't unload on here but tonight I just couldn't be bothered internalizing your issues so I thought I would come and offer you some suggestions on finding your own bit of escape. Perhaps you could kick some puppies or steal some dummies from orphans. Or you know you could try find something else that makes you happy and brings you peace and not try crap on other peoples. And to the people who are reading this that aren't Karen Merry Christmas if that's your thing and if it's not I hope you're happy and safe and enjoying the end of another year and looking forward to next year.


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