This book is really hard for me to review. There’s so many things about this book that have been bizarre for me, that I don’t know where to start. I kept seeing Steadfast on my GR feeds but being as its True North #2 I didn’t check out the blurb. Instead I checked out Bittersweet and for whatever reason it lodged itself in my brain. I added it to TBR Mountain, checked it out on Amazon saw it was $4 and figured I would come back to it once I read this months must haves and all the ARCs I had committed to.

But between every book when I had to face the dreaded “what do I read next’ I found myself searching out Bittersweet but it was still $4 (I know, I know but my book budget only stretches so far) and I still had a heap of other books to read first so I kept putting it off. Then finally I just one clicked it and began since it is so unlike me to keep coming back to the same book with my goldfish memory and constant GoodReads stalking.

So I sat down and was immediately sucked in, not surprising since I love Sarina Bowen’s writing but damn was I in love with this novel. But then weirdness number 2 hit me and I didn’t want to finish the book. I found excuses to put off reading it so I could stay in Vermont with Griffin and Audrey. I mean I even did washing people, I am surprised hubby didn’t have me committed.

The blurb did absolutely no justice to this story or the perfection of the characters. I don’t know what I expected but I couldn’t have been happier with what I got.

I think I thought Griffin was going to be unhappy having to take over the family farm after his father’s death or maybe his family would be a bunch of ungrateful, useless wankers. So having him be this amazing guy who, while being stressed out at the responsibility and work he suddenly and unexpectedly had to shoulder he turned out to be a perfectly normal, well adjusted, real guy with a beautiful family.

And Audrey I expected to be some flighty, irresponsible party girl from her “former hook up” description. I figured I would tolerate her while I fell madly in lust with Griffin and be happy with it. I am so glad I was wrong on all counts. Audrey was not just perfect but also perfect for Griffin.

Their chemistry was instant and I felt it zap off the page. In fact I was so caught up in these characters and their story I felt like I knew them and every emotion was my own. I already one clicked the next one but you know the mountain and the other commitments so let’s see how long I can hold out this time.


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