I know I can always count on Tessa Bailey to write hot as hell books but damn this one was beyond smoking hot. Like I need a smoke after reading it.

This was the ultimate insta-love story but I felt the sparks flying from the moment they make eye contact and I don’t think I stopped squirming in my seat the whole time I was reading this. It was just that hot. Which isn’t to say I didn’t feel a whole heap of other emotions as well just that my libido was forced into overdrive from all the testosterone pouring off Duke.

Duke was so alpha and commanding I wanted to throw my panties at him and run all at the same time. He was probably the best H I have read in a long while and I call dibs. He was sweet and caring and possessive and growling in just the right amount. I fell so hard for him.

Samantha was awesome. I loved her passion for her dream I just would have liked her to have a little more self confidence, not that she needed it once Duke fell at her feet. But I would have loved for her to kick her brother in the dick.

The secondary characters in this were great and I am looking forward to seeing them all again as the series progresses (hint, hint Tessa). But now I am off to read the second one as I somehow managed to miss it.

Duke is mine!!!!!


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