I am seriously loving this series. I read the first two books back to back then had to wait for this one and I thought I would have forgotten a lot of the characters and I wasn’t super excited to start reading this once I got it but I sat down knowing I had been hanging out for it and within pages I was lost to the perfect writing.

Not the perfect characters because of all the characters in this series these two were by far the most broken and we had sort of explored that in the previous books but not being inside their heads and living through their drama I had no idea the full extent of it all. 

Toni was such a hard arse I wasn’t sure if she could soften enough for me to get behind her as a leading lady. Even knowing all that she had been through I just couldn’t see how anyone could get close enough to break through that hard shell and get her to believe she was worthy of their love and affection.

I was so besotted with Lucky from the start he carries such a weight of his own but he never felt sad for himself or acted like a miserable jerk. But sadly since this book was told from Toni’s point of view I didn’t feel like I got enough of Lucky although what I did get was awesome. And I loved these two as a couple especially once Toni let down her guard enough to commit to them.

This was a great addition to the series and I loved catching up with the whole team. Hopefully Thibault gets his own story soon although I don’t know who could be strong enough and worthy of joining this tight knit group.

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