Seducing the boss was a steamy, hot, sexy novel with a whole heap of sweet, feel good mixed in.  It’s been a while since I have read a book that was just so easy. The characters were well developed for a book this length and I genuinely liked them both.

The blurb is a little misleading or maybe it’s just that it doesn’t really do the book enough justice. I was expecting a work place romance with the h trying to seduce the H but it never really felt like that.

Kellan & Sara have been friends since childhood, their parents are best friends and although they work together they almost work in conflicting positions, which causes some animosity but they are good friends.

When Kellan comes across Sara waiting for her date to show he is stunned to discover the length of her celibacy and is upset by how sad and inferior his normally arse kicking friend feels about it. So he proposes a weekend of kinky fun. After some persuasion she agrees.

They were both so sweet and caring I was dying to see them sort out the drama and walk off into the sunset hand in hand.

This was just a cute, sweet heartwarming novel. Loved it!


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