When I read the blurb for this I expected there to be a lot of angst and heartbreak. I think I always go into sports books expecting a really alpha, man-whore, player type of guy who acts a little like god’s gift to all women but redeems himself throughout the book. And when I read about the game show angle I was even more convinced that was what I was going to get.

And while I have read a few romance novels based on dating show themes I can say this one was entirely not what I expected.  I figured there would be a lot of drama and angst based on the women competing for Caleb’s attention and maybe a few issues from his past. You know the normal sort of thing that has you tied up in knots wondering how they are going to sort this out or get over it and have their happily ever after.

I am so over the moon that I got none of that. This book was free of all the normal cliché drama and I loved every second. It was just a really sweet, feel good romance that I could lose myself in. And the reason for this is simply Caleb. Damn was he the sort of man I hope my daughter grows up and falls for. He was just utter perfection with amazing stick control ;) You know hockey sticks.

Sydney was a whole other matter but, oh my god did she get on my nerves. But you know what I could completely sympathise with her thought process. I mean here is this amazing, caring, thoughtful, sexy, successful star athlete who has a cruise ship full of his exact type of perfect women who all want nothing more than to throw themselves on his hockey stick and they are the exact physical opposite of her. So I could forgive her insecurities and give her a break but damn Sydney tie this amazing man to your bed and keep him already. 

I seriously had a very pleasant surprise with this book and I am hoping the rest of the family will get their stories soon as I could happily spend a few more hours fully immersed in all things Prescott. 


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