This is the first time I have read a Louise Bay book and I have to say I am a huge fan. This book had a little bit of everything I could want in a romance novel. And every single aspect of it was done to perfection and left me wanting so much more.

I am such a sucker for single dads so as soon as I read the blurb I wanted this in my grabby hands and once I started reading I was so besotted with the writing and characters I wasn’t able to put this down. Harper is almost the perfect heroine; she has earnt her position in her dream firm working for her idol, the King of Wall Street only to discover he is an asshole. She has no idea who he is outside of work but inside work he is an arrogant, rude, short tempered jerk she can’t keep her eyes off.

Max is awesome and honestly the parts of the book told from his POV were the highlights of the book for me. He was so taken with everything to do with Harper but he was so adamant he had to keep his personal life private and his work life professional in such a way that if I didn’t want a romance I would be hoping he could succeed, even if only for his own piece of mind.

But Harper and Max were such an explosive couple I could feel it in every interaction. I could also feel the emotions and their genuine concerns on not messing everything up and I felt so invested in the outcome I just loved it. I went from holding my breath waiting to see what was going to happen next, to laughing out loud at something crazy that was said, to squirming on my seat at the smoking hot sex scene.

The secondary characters were great, and I loved that there was no ex-drama or miscommunications or unnecessary, ridiculous angst. It was just a sweet story with loads of sexual tension, a lot of super steamy sex, some real life issues and a few curve balls to keep me guessing. Loved it. 


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