What happens when fate decides two people from different worlds belong together? Well the answer is simple. Random meetings, sparks flying and hot as hell sex.

I wasn’t sure I would like Grace after the little I remembered of her from the first book but Melissa wrote her character so well that I loved her. She was the ultimate poor little rich girl but once I got to know her I realised she was so much more. I so wanted her to be loved and to get everything she had worked so hard for.

I felt an instant lust for Noah. There is just something about a man who is so confident and demanding that I find hard to resist. I did have a few moments I wanted to introduce his arse to my foot but then he went and redeemed himself and I had to forgive him.

I would have loved to see a little more grovelling from him and a whole heap more steamy sex. But that’s just me. Overall this was a short hot book of insta lust that I enjoyed. Nothing too deep or disastrous just a few hours escape from daily life.



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