There is something to be said for picking up a book you know you’re going to love. Maybe it’s just me but I always put them off thinking I will “save” them for when I need a good book. Then I see that the next book is about to be released and I have a mini panic attack because I have to have it now but I can’t read them out of order so I dove in and of course I loved it.

Roxie has grown up in a small town with a hippy mother and she couldn’t wait to leave either in the dust. So when her mum calls asking her to come home and help out she is counting down the days before she can blow out of there again and return to her planned life where she can leave behind everything she thought she hated about her childhood.

That is of course until she trips on Leo’s nuts and lands face first in his lap. And I could feel the sparks through the pages and smell the pheromones pouring off them. The chemistry was instant so they decide to enjoy their summer joined at the pelvis.

But of course best laid plans and all of that. 

Roxie was so sassy and everything about her was awesome. I had so many laugh out loud moments reading this book that I literally spent a lazy Saturday with my kindle attached to my hands.

Leo was so sweet and charming and I loved how he just rolled with all the crazy. And let’s be honest his country hipster description didn’t hurt. Especially when you throw in a sprinkle of possessiveness and the amazing sexual tension followed with smoking hot sex scenes that Alice Clayton has perfected.

Not many authors can take me from full on giggles to seat squirming as quickly as Alice Clayton. Add in the fact her characters are so real and her books are so well written I feel like I am watching it play out in high definition and I absolutely can’t wait for the next book in the series. 


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