by Lauren Blakely 
Release Date: February 17th

A week-long trip. A fake marriage. And seven delicious nights with only one bed in the hotel room.

Dive in and lose yourself in this all-new sexy, fake marriage standalone romance filled with emotional twists and turns from #1 New York Times Bestselling author, Lauren Blakely! Get ready to fall in love with a charming on the outside, broody on the inside billionaire Brit, who has secrets a mile deep and the beautiful, vivacious business partner he’s not supposed to fall for in this witty and sinful forbidden romance!

MY ONE WEEK HUSBAND is coming February 17th!


A week-long trip. A fake marriage. And seven delicious nights with only one bed in the hotel room.

He's my business partner, my good friend, and the man I've craved for years.

But I've resisted the sexy Brit, and I plan to keep up my walls because I've been there, done that, and I know how much it hurts when you let someone into your heart.

Then an opportunity comes along for us to snag the business deal of a lifetime.

The catch?

We need to pretend we're married to pull off this high-stakes deal.

So the clever, charming man with secrets a mile deep becomes my temporary husband, as we travel around Europe. Soon, we fall into bed, tangled together like newlyweds who can't keep their hands off each other.

One week to explore our fantasies, then we return to who we were.

But when I learn the dark secrets he's been keeping, I doubt we can go back.

Because they change everything.

My One-Week Husband is a standalone romance!  


“Show me how quick you can be,” I say.

​His eyes narrow, flickering with naughty intent. “I don’t think you really want me to be quick.”

​Heat flares across my skin at his sexy subtext, but I do my best to ignore it. “Is everything innuendo with you?”

​“Life is innuendo. Of course everything is too. Now, let’s make sure I look the part of the impeccable hotelier wooing the town historical society with our plans to renovate the inn on the corner.”

​In the store, the man is the model of efficiency. He’s incredibly fast, but that doesn’t surprise me. He’s a determined guy who makes quick decisions, and usually the right ones.

​He finds a white shirt with thin blue checks, then tips his forehead to the back of the shop. “I’ll go try on this one.”

​“Great. I’ll wait outside and answer some messages.”

​He jerks his head back. “You’ll do nothing of the sort. You’ll wait outside the dressing room and tell me how the shirt looks.”

​I arch a brow, laughing. “Like we’re a married couple?”

​“Yes. Pretend, Scarlett,” he says in that husky tone again as we weave our way to the dressing rooms. “Pretend you care deeply what your husband is wearing to the dinner meeting.”

​“Fine. If you insist,” I saw with a huff.

​“I do insist.”

​“Don’t you just love giving orders?”

​He wiggles his brow as he opens the dressing room door, tossing me a wry look. “Yes. Yes, I do,” he says in a voice that drips with sex.

​Daniel Stewart is the living, breathing manifestation of sex appeal. I’ve learned to live with his hotness. What else can I do? I work with him.  

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