I just love it when some of my favourite authors come together on a project. Seriously what more could I ask for than Sarina Bowen's world and Rebecca Jenshak's writing? Everything Sarina Bowen has written I have devoured. And I couldn't get enough of Rebecca Jenshak's Smart Jocks series. So, this book being announced had me jumping with joy.


And with Sarina Bowen publishing them and doing the promotion I jumped on them before they had covers and blurbs and I'm loving every second of the journey. College hockey players can never get old. And getting to know more of each of the guys in each book since the characters all crossover is perfect.


Lex and Kaitlyn were an awesome combination. I loved Lex from the beginning, he was so driven and focused on being the best he could be. I kind of worried that that might have gotten in the way of his relationship. But instead, he turned all that intensity and drive to winning Kaitlyn over.


And Kaitlyn was one hard nut to crack. She had been disappointed and misunderstood so much she was pretty closed off and defensive. Which was understandable but sometimes doesn't come across well in a new adult romance. Luckily, Rebecca is an amazingly talented writer and I loved Kaitlyn and sympathised with her.


I am absolutely obsessed with the Moo U series and I am definitely going to have to read the Busy Bean series. And I'm going to have to check out the Vino and Veritas books too. Because I can't get enough of this world and I am intrigued by all these characters.



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