It feels like it's been forever since I read the other Burns brother’s books. And I have to say I picked this up not really remembering what had happened in those earlier books. But as I started reading it all came flooding back to me and I sat with bated breath wanting to know what was going to happen.


Maddie and Nathan's story was a semi typical little sisters best friend. Except it was in the Burns brothers motorcycle building, reality show, world. Full of testosterone and ego, each of the brothers has had me falling in lust with them in each book.


Nathan was an awesome hero. I really loved everything about him once he looked up and saw Maddie in a new light. Maddie kind of frustrated me a little bit. I got that she had a lot of things going wrong in her world but she was a little self-absorbed. And she took everyone’s opinion of what was happening rather than appreciating the help she was getting.


I love these books. Each one has added a little more on the one before it. While still being a stand-alone all about the individual couple, with a few great secondary characters. They have great chemistry and emotions and I get completely lost in every single one of them.



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