Rebecca Yarros is one of the best romance writers. Her books are so perfectly written with so much depth and emotion that I anticipate reading them as much as I dread it. I have to read them and I know I will love them and rave about them and 5 star them every single time. But I also know I will break while I read this book. I will need to be left alone with my emotions and tissues while I wait for Rebecca's writing to put me back together.


From the first page I was struggling to get a reality break so I could wrap myself up in this story. Because there was so much happening and every single piece of it had me captivated. Watching Noah and Georgia fall in love while they traversed the history, life and love of Scarlett and Jameson was beautiful.


Georgia had my heart breaking for her and I wanted so much to just love her. But she was so strong under all of that pain, that I couldn't pity her. I just wanted to slay all her dragons. Luckily for all of us Noah was already there with his sword and armour racing off to keep anything from touching her. He just did it so unceremoniously, you didn’t notice until you were standing in a river or dragon blood wondering where it came from.


But damn the twists and turns and heartbreak just kept right on coming. For Georgia and for the readers. Naturally, the other emotions were just as strong and the hope had me sitting on the edge of the seat. I knew coming into this that one of the love stories ended in tragedy which kept me in suspense and made me read this as slowly as possible. Because I couldn’t be ugly sobbing while waiting on my son’s ankle to be x-rayed or while sitting in the school pick up line so I had to take my time while my heart was broken and rebuilt.


This book was just amazing and I know I'm going to reread it a million times. 



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