I need a year or two to catch up on my TBR list. And I seriously need to read the earlier books by Lani. Because I just KNOW I’ve missed out on a heap of these characters back stories and their parents stories and then I get a sprinkle of the couples I have met and I just want to read them all in order already so I know who everyone is. Because I feel seriously left out.


When I read the first book I didn’t get lost in it like I normally do, and to be fair, I know that was more to do with everything going on in my life and my head. But I did completely love the set up of this series and reading Trouper and Beckham’s book cemented how awesome this series is going to be. And a few of these other members of Lynn’s club have me already swooning over them.


But back to this book. I loved the whole Part 1. There is nothing swoonier than a bad boy falling in love at first sight and going all out to be worthy of his girl. And Trouper was awesome. He really did have a heart of gold for those that he loved. Beckham was no slouch either. She loved hard. But then we got to Part 2 and I was kind of dirty with them both for a while.


However as much as small things annoyed me, like Beckham’s constant lying to her family. I was so invested in the story and dying to know what was going to happen next because so much was happening next that I couldn’t put it down. And we got everything I could have wanted in this book. And I am even more excited for the rest of the series even if my favourites are even more my favourites after this book, I will patiently wait for their stories to be written. Or not so patiently.



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