If you’re a Piper Rayne fan then you’ve probably already read her Bailey family series set in Alaska. And, if like me you couldn’t get enough you were super excited when they introduced us to G’Ma Dori’s best friends, grandchildren and a whole new Alaskan family series. Picking up this book was like walking back into the pages of the Bailey family. And since they are from the neighbouring town we had a few crossovers of characters and settings that made that feel even more familiar.


From the first page it really felt like coming home. It was so warm and sweet and even though the characters were all new faces, I instantly felt like I had known them forever. Cade and Presley had both been through some really unique, difficult circumstances. And each of them came out in completely different ways.


I loved the chemistry between these two and the added tension from the small town contingent really added to the feels. Every time I thought I had a handle on how things were going to come out, things changed and I was off on another theory waiting to see if they were going to finally wake up to their own feelings.


Best of all this series has given us ten new siblings and all the tropes Piper Rayne can think of to run us through the feels as we watch them all fall victim to the machinations of the meddling retirees.



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