So I needed a secret baby romance for the Covenette’s January book challenge. And honestly, it's not my favourite trope. Because obviously there is a reason that the baby is a secret and the couple isn't together. So, I need to be in a certain mood to deal with the angst and drama.


Naturally, I spent an hour searching through GoodReads for one that tickled my fancy before I stumbled upon this one. And to be honest I couldn't even tell you why this was the one. Except I read a handful of reviews and the little see inside prologue on Amazon and I one clicked it.


First, I have to say this worked so well for me. Cam was a strong, independent woman and I loved that she was so confident in her own ability. She had amazing support in her Aunt but she worked to make an awesome life for her and Gigi.


Zeus was great too. And although the way everything played out wasn't entirely his fault, he still took ownership of it and worked to fix it. He gave a good grovel and he was such a genuinely nice guy.


I'm so glad I did pick this up and now I am dying to read Apollo's book.




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