Ah, it's Becca and Nico, finally. After the teaser at the end of the last book I have been waiting impatiently for this to land on my kindle. Because that was seriously mean. Especially since both books occurred at the same time so we got a slight tease of these two all through that book.


Not to mention that we have gotten to know a fair bit about both Nico and Becca and they are both great characters. In fact I have really been loving all the characters in this series. And getting to know the secondary characters before their stories feels like little breadcrumbs. Then getting more of them after their book is another awesome bonus.


This book was a little more emotional than I was expecting. Which was stupid of me since I knew what the twist was and had guessed how it had come about. I just wasn't anticipating being so emotionally invested in their relationship. Their chemistry from the start was so hot. And their connection felt so natural and strong. I could feel their devastation. I was dying to see how they were going to work it out and I was completely wrong in my guesses.


Of course all of these can be read as standalones but reading them in series order just adds to each characters background info. And it really does feel like catching up with old mates as we see each couple flourish and new relationships bloom. 





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