This series has been such a feel-good series to just get lost in for a few hours. And each book has been so sweet and easy to read. They have been the perfect angst free read that I've needed.


Straight after I put down piece by piece I couldn't wait to get started on kiss by kiss. And with the Riggins brothers all being as equally amazing I really didn't care who's book we were getting. 


But I loved Grant and Aurora together. She had her insecurities but there was no way Grant was going to let her live with those. He was so sweet and supportive in everything and I loved watching Aurora's self-confidence bloom.


It was great to catch up with the newest additions to the Riggins family. Plus meet the first baby Riggins. I have no doubt we will be meeting a few more before the series is finished. I'm really looking forward to watching Conrad and Marshall fall.




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