I was so blessed to be able to pick this up as soon as I put down A Little too Late. And I feel that doubly as I want nothing more than to dive into Crew’s book, but I have to wait. And I really feel like I am going to crawl out of my skin in those long twelve days. Collaborations between these three authors really need a few days away because once I open the first one my head isn't returning from Madigan Mountain for a while.


I knew going in that I was going to love this and hang on every word but somehow, I still wasn't prepared for the full emotional ride I went on. Which is just stupid because I love Rebecca's writing so much for that exact reason. The chemistry between West and Callie was electrifying. The depth of each of them ensured I would instantly love them.


It's weird having a parent’s perspective on your childhood experiences sometimes and reading this book I got to see that in both characters and I loved it. I really loved the journey Weston went through in returning to his childhood home and confronting his childhood traumas with the vision of an adult. And having Callie's gentle support to show him the person he could be.


Callie was just wonderful. She was the best example of a single mother, living life on her own terms. I couldn't get enough of her bravery in putting herself out there and going after her dreams. And the strength it takes to re-examine her dreams and chase the new ones. And Sutton was such an integral part of the story, which just added to it. Because let's be honest, as parents, EVERYTHING revolves around the kids, and if you don't believe me, try using the bathroom when you have a toddler.


The worst part about this is having to put it down and not being able to call these awesome people up to come have a glass of wine and catch up. Because I was so wrapped up in the story I forgot I wasn't part of that world. Oh well, luckily for me I get to cuddle my own hero while I tell him all about the book and he pretends to give a shit.





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