The girl in the mist has been one I've wanted to read since it was first announced but I just never got there. I love Kristen Ashley and her writing but I'm at this weird point where I don't want to read new ones, but I also don't want to reread the older ones. I just want to read the old ones for the first time again. And I was hoping that this might be like that. However, it didn't work out that way for me.


I am not even sure why. Partially I think I was expecting something different, but Delphine's "voice" sounded very much like most of KA's heroines. And Cade was almost cookie cutter KA hero. And although I have absolutely no problem with BDSM it's not really my kink, but it does seem to be KA's.


I read a heap of reviews before I read this, and a lot raved about it and a few complained and I just feel like I've come down in the middle. I liked the mystery; I don't feel like we quite got enough of the actual mystery for this to be anything but a romance with a little suspense. And I was expecting the romance to be secondary. But since romance is my preferred genre, I didn't mind.


In typical KA style there were a lot of secondary characters, most of whom were irrelevant and just confused me as to who the main players were. But that's probably my goldfish memory and inability to remember names. There was an overabundance of design details about furniture and accessories.


I didn't hate it, I just didn't love it. And I wanted to get that book hangover and feel the inability to adult like the first time I read Kristen Ashley. Oh well maybe I just need to reread them and see.



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