Ok so this book has been everywhere and when I went to check it out on kindle it was in KU so I grabbed it and then threw on $3.50 whispersync. So, I alternated between listening and reading this and I loved every minute of it.

Clay and Giana were both great characters. They both had their own life issues happening and they each were just such nice, likeable people I loved them both. At moments I thought Giana was the absolute show of the story and then Clay went off and was all boyfriend goals and I thought he had stolen the show and then Giana would pop up in her sweet awkward backbone of steel way so in the end I just think they were both awesome and perfect for each other.

I am so glad I read Fair Catch right before this. Not because it was needed but just because after I put this down I know I would be jumping into it since the next one isn't released for a while and I hate reading them out of order. And I can't wait to get my grabby hands on Holden's book now.


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