I am really struggling to write this review, which is annoying because I really enjoyed the book. And I am a huge Sara Ney fan. But I just don't know what to say, the story was super cute, and I really loved both characters. I read the first book in the series and didn't realise this was the fourth, so I read it as a standalone with no issues except my own personal FOMO that kicked in when I realised, I had missed two books.


Posey and Duke were both awesome. Very different people who on paper don't seem to go together but both of them had beautiful genuine personalities. Duke was a little thoughtless but living with a husband and son who are exactly the same I saw it for what it was, complete obliviousness. And I actually liked him more for it, because as soon as he realised how his actions were received, he immediately apologized and explained.


Both of them were just so nice and completely themselves. There was no pretence or unnecessary drama, and I liked getting the story in dual point of view and getting to know them individually and through the eyes of each other.


And now I have two more books on my TBR. Kisses.



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