So, I absolutely love love love Lexi Ryan's writing and her Orchid Valley series has been awesome, but it's been soooo long between books. I honestly can't remember anything about the previous books, and I didn't read the blurb for this before I jumped in. Or any reviews or literally have any clue what I was getting into.


In fact, I picked it up this morning to read for a minute while the kids were playing nicely, and I've only just surfaced. I mean honestly, I am just speechless. I literally can't tell you a thing about the story because I loved that it kept me guessing. And the angst was just so perfectly balanced that I have no words.


I honestly feel like October is starting off as an absolutely blessed month for books. Everything I've picked up has been great. And this is just the absolute perfect example of what an amazingly talented author Lexi Ryan is. Just gah! How am I supposed to sleep now?



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