This book popped up on my feeds a while back and it was everywhere and when I read the blurb it sounded so perfect, I immediately went to Amazon. Add on the fact it was in the KU catalogue and I was one happy little munchkin. Then I got caught up in a whole other series and distracted by some new releases and waylaid by some arc commitments and here we are.

But damn, I'm so glad I grabbed this on KU because as soon as I had the dreaded, what to read next this one was front and centre on my kindle and I jumped right in. And it was awesome. It was the first book I've read in ages where the language actually felt like a twenty-year-old was saying it.

The premise of the book isn't anything new and I do read a lot of them but this one was unique. From the start we got the dual point of view, so we knew where each of them was and what they were feeling. The misunderstandings were completely expected and understandable and I loved the fact that Cooper's ex man whore ways were mentioned but a non-issue.

Tatum was so real. She was so together and focused and yet so clueless and socially anxious and so incredibly relatable. But she wasn't this whiny, insecure young adult. Even when she was upset, she was mature and responsible, and I absolutely loved how Cooper saw her and worshipped her. Because Cooper is major book boyfriend goals.

Oh, and I really need to mention that the chemistry and sex scenes were off the chart hot. And the epilogue was just the absolute sweetest wrap up of a book that was just all around awesome.

Honestly this is one of the best new adult, college romance books I've read recently, and I need more of this author in my life. So, it's off to stalk I go. Toodles





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