I read and loved The Wrong Game by Kandi and then went and added a heap of her books to my TBR and promptly forgot that I liked her writing and wanted to read more as her books slowly fell down my TBR. Then Blind Side popped up every-freaking-where and I went to grab it from kindle and saw it was on KU. I got half way through the first page and it mentioned the characters from Fair catch and I realised they were interconnected so I went back to KU and grabbed this one to read first. Then I threw on the whispersync and listened to half of it and I have to say I enjoyed both reading and listening to it.

The characters were great and so was the narration. Riley had moments when she was a little knee jerk reactive to silly things but she was steered straight and got over herself. And now I get to dive into Blind Side knowing who's who and what just happened. Can't wait.


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