This series has been like a slow burning fire. I grabbed one book, got a few pages in and thought it felt like there was a book before it. Stalked and found the previous book, dove in and devoured it, jumped straight into the next book and then waited forever (ok it was a few months, but it felt like forever) for this book and now here we are.


Holden has been this steady, solid presence through all of the previous books and when I read the blurb for this one I couldn't reconcile it with him. He isn't one to go against his coach or do anything to jeopardize football in any way. And since we hadn't yet been introduced to Julep, I wasn't sure what to expect from her.


What we got was so much heat. The chemistry between them literally had me clenching my thighs while reading it. But the emotional wringer that Julep was living in and the way she dealt with it was the opposite of Holden's solid personality. And that just made them work and made the connection they had that much stronger.


Because Holden is just book boyfriend goals. And I really loved him so sooo much. His uncle's and cousin were just extra icing on the package. There were so many times I thought things that happened would play out a certain way or things would develop off them and it just didn't. So, the book kept me guessing to the end and all I can say is Holden absolutely owned it. Which isn't to take away from how awesome Julep was, because I loved her and am so happy that these guys got such a beautiful HEA.





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