I grabbed this on audible and then felt like I needed to read the prequel first before I listened to it until I finally just jumped in and there was the prequel in the bloody audible version.

And omg the prequel was so sweet and then I was mad. But luckily it then jumped right into this book, and I quickly got over my anger and got lost in the chemistry between these guys because damn I was fanning myself in the middle of winter. These guys were so hot together. I got lost in the story and the narration was perfect. I loved the voices, and it was performed beautifully.

I want to rant about the way it all played out, but I really don't want to ruin it for anyone, and I'll be honest and say that although it's something that I personally am annoyed about it worked for the book and it didn't ruin the story for me I just wanted it to go the other way.

It took me a minute to realise that Harlow was the daughter from one of the couples in the Southern Series and since the next two books are Travis's sisters, I'm hoping that the reason the thing that annoyed me happened is so we get more Travis and Harlow in the next books.

And now I'm off to preorder the next book because this series is just Natasha Madison gold.


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