Sarina Bowen is just one of those authors that you know what you are going to get, and you know you're going to love it. Not in a predictable way, in an amazing writing, awesome characters and a story I won't want to put down. The only drawback is being busy as hell and trying to figure out how you can read this book without interruption or the house burning down around me.


Luckily for me it's school holidays here and the kids are off enjoying the break and I could hide away and get lost with Tommaso and Carter. And wow was I swept away with these guys. From the first page I was so invested in everything that was going on for each of them. It was such a completely different thing for each of them and they both dealt with their issues in their own ways, but I wanted to swoop in and make it all better.


I couldn't get enough of them together. And normally Tommaso being all conflicted and on the fence, I would be screaming for Carter to run but I just couldn't. Because seeing why Tommaso was working so hard to fight himself made me want to grab my pitchfork. Luckily Carter was able to see through the layers and have the patience to hold out for him to deal with it in his own way.


Carter had such golden retriever energy despite having so much against him. Having the book in dual point of view made my love for both of these guys so much stronger. I personally would have loved a little vengeance and hellfire to rain down on the people that had upset them, but I guess I can live with the happy floaty feeling I had when I put the book down.




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