I have a heap of these books on my TBR because they all sound right up my alley, but when I went to kindle to read one, I discovered that they are all actually part of a series so now I’m trying to read them in order. Which is helped greatly by the fact they are on KU and the audible add on is only $3 so I can read them, and adult and feel like I got a bargain.


Ellie and Simon were probably some of the best brothers’ best friend characters I’ve read recently. Obviously, they were hiding their relationship from Ellie’s brother but for once there were kind of legitimate reasons for it. Plus, they both didn’t really want to hide their relationship and felt guilty for sneaking around. Which was a nice change from the usual sneaking around for no real reason.


Simon had the whole quiet brooding thing down and I thought he would continue in that vein, but he was an awesome boyfriend. He was so open and communicated perfectly and he wasn’t at all what I was expecting from him. Ellie had a few moments where she acted like a selfish, immature idiot and she really needed to grow a spine. But since we had an idea of the why and she didn’t stick to her stupid when it was pointed out to her, she was easy to like.


I am so glad that Cal pulled his head out of his you know where, especially after seeing the teaser for his book at the end of this. I can’t wait to continue this series.




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