It has taken me way too long to finish this book and I hate how much I feel like I was distracted from it by real life dramas. Because when I finally got the chance to lock myself away and stay up way too late to read the last 50% of it, I was obsessed. But that first 50% was so interrupted and distracted by everything that I didn't get to connect with it. And it was entirely on me.


Anyway, I finally got my ducks in a line and sat down and got lost in the story and geez did I enjoy it. Grace and Jaxson together were so hot. They felt like two magnets being pulled together while everything was getting in the way and holding them apart. But when they did collide it was just so freaking hot. And around some very dirty talking and awesome adult fun there were some very real and intense emotions.


This book literally had all the feels. I felt like I went on a road trip with some friends and saw a whole new layer of them. And I loved the fact that they communicated so beautifully without holding back on the hard things. There were no misunderstandings, and no one was left wondering what anyone else was feeling or thinking, it was just all laid out between them. And even though there was a lot of outside things that they needed to navigate the drama was all external.


It's no secret I love the writing style of Kandi Steiner and I'm a huge fan of her previous books, but this series has been great. I really can't wait to get my hands on Daddy P's book next. I just hate that I have to wait for it to be written first. And a side note. I'm absolutely in heaven with the light kink that is being sprinkled through the series. It feels natural and organic and just adds to the overall hotness without feeling forced or unnaturally scripted.




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