So Tijan is one of those authors that I don't pick up often but when I do I get a little obsessed. Because I love her writing style and each of the books I've read have pulled me in so completely I feel like I'm coming out of a fog when I put them down. I always look at her catalogue and want to grab them and then I get angsty and put it off but every now and then I can't get past the blurb on a standalone and I have to grab it.


I honestly don't remember when I saw the blurb for this, but I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. So, when it landed on my kindle I jumped straight in. I was immediately loving Ramsay and I felt like every page I unveiled another layer of her story. And then we met Scout, and he was the perfect mysterious, dangerous, alpha, badarse. I couldn't get enough of him.


I had moments where I felt like it was too much for a new adult story but then I just didn't care because I needed to know what was going to be revealed next. Or how they were going to resolve the last reveal or where this twist was going to take us. And I honestly couldn't have guessed any of it if I had tried. 


This book was impossible for me to put down from the start. I did have a lot of panic that it was getting close to the end, and nothing felt even close to being figured out. I really don't have the ability to deal with cliff hangers or waiting for the next book in a series for longer than a minute. And then bam I read the last word and wish we could have another book with all the characters and more Scout and Ramsay. Gah now I am going to be obsessing over these guys for days.



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