This was my kinda romance novel. It was one of those reads that kind of feels like a warm bath. It was sweet and funny and the characters were engaging but it took me a bit to get into it and it felt a little slow at times.

I absolutely adore the sisters and the interaction between them all and especially the grandparents was awesome. I think honestly without them I might have given up on this book but they kept me reading long enough for me to get hooked on the characters and their story.

Ryan was super sweet but we kinda got off on the wrong foot with him acting like a bit of a douche and the winking was a bit much. But then he was so sweet and fell so hard that I forgot I was worried about his possibly having something in his eye and really loved him.

Jaime I honestly don’t feel much for. She annoyed me a tiny bit at times then others she was relatable but over all I just feel meh about her.

I felt like the drama came too late and was entirely brushed over. I really would have liked to see that played out differently. Now all that said I did end up enjoying the story and I do plan to read the next book in the series because I thoroughly enjoyed the family and did get quite a bit of entertainment from them. Fingers crossed we get more of the horny grandparents to have me in fits of laughter.


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