Well damn Katee Roberts you have made this hard. I have really enjoyed this series and when I found out this last one was Hope and Daniel I knew it was going to be a lot more emotional and be a second chance romance so it took me a while to pull up my big girl panties and dive in.

Don’t get me wrong I knew there would be loads of steamy sex scenes and I have yet to find anything Katee has written that I haven’t loved I just really enjoyed the humour and quirkiness of the last two and I would have loved for that to continue.  But with the previous introductions I knew I was going to need some tissues and maybe a glass of wine or three and I wasn’t wrong.

From the first page I was invested, I had to know how they were going to get passed this traumatic event that had torn them apart and reconcile how they both reacted to the aftermath of their loss and pain. I loved Hope’s no bullshit approach to dealing with everything and if I am being honest, while I wanted Daniel to be happy I really felt like he needed a kick in the dick for half the book.

However when I hit that 90% mark I just knew I was going to walk away from this book without getting the resolution I so desperately wanted. Now before you think I am complaining, I am not unhappy with how the book ended I just felt it was too abrupt. I need an epilogue and maybe like a week’s more grovelling and some action to back up all the pretty words from Daniel. I just feel like I put the book down without finishing it or maybe I missed a few pages.

That aside I did love the first 90% and Daniel and Hope were such a magnetic combination It was fun to watch them fall back in love and their lust cloud was pretty heady. Catching up with the craziness of the other couples was good and I went through a whole gamut of emotions so all in all this book was a few hours of much needed escape on a stormy Sunday arvo.


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