This whole series has been amazing. I knew I was going to love Zach's story, I knew it was going to break my heart but I was so dying to get to know him better from the times I had seen him in the last two books. And then hearing the things poor Lark had been through I just knew I needed wine and tissues to even pick up this book.

But it was so worth it. Sarina Bowen writes so beautifully even the pain is perfect. The story was told in such a way that even while I was crying I was smiling. I loved every word of this book.

A massive bonus to the story is the fact it is told from the Shipley's farm so we got a whole heap more of them with the added bonus of harvest season providing the added comedy of the cousins. And damn was their humour a great addition to what could have been a very depressing story.

I got all that I could want and more from Zach and although Lark had so much going on she was perfect for him. Watching him grow and help Lark to overcome her harrowing ordeal was so sweet but then hearing all that he had gone through to get where he was and his fears of being cast aside and abandoned again was heartbreaking.

This was the perfect mix of sweet romance and devastating drama and angst and I couldn't put it down. I am guessing from that little tease at the end we are going to be getting Zara's story next and I can't wait. This is one series I never want to see the end of.

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