So I saw Stepbrother Dearest hit my GoodReads feeds and I was getting ready to race off and one click it like the one click addict I am when I saw that there was a love triangle esque theme to it and a few other hot topics that I try to avoid and I was gutted. I love step brother romance and I love Penelope Ward’s writing and the blurb for the book sounded awesome but I just couldn’t so I gave my amazon account a slight break and left it on the shelves for when I have my big girl panties on.

Then Neighbor Dearest was everywhere and I figured I would wait until those aforementioned big girl panties were secured and I could read them in order. But then all those rave reviews and getting assurances from some much trusted Good Reads friends that this could be read as a stand alone that I couldn’t help but just dive right on in. And damn am I glad I did.

While I didn’t love this one as much as I have loved other work from Penelope and I have to admit there were a few things in here that drove me a little nuts, I did get a lot of enjoyment out of it. And despite the back and forth between Damien and Chelsea I was so sucked in from the first word that I didn’t really even think about it until I sat down to try and write this review.

The chemistry between Damien and Chelsea was perfect. I wanted to shake Damien for his holding out on the possibility of a relationship. I was trying so hard to guess what the hell his reasons could be and worrying myself sick over what was going to happen. And I was so heartbroken for Chelsea while she was trying to recover from the heart break inflicted by Elec (I don’t know how I could go back and read his book other than the fact that this book has left me intrigued.) And then I was reading the epilogue and wondering where the time went.

The Double D’s were an awesome addition to the story and I loved that they had such a major role in the whole book. The banter and humour added to the chemistry and emotion and I just wish I had of picked this up sooner so I could have called dibs on Damien myself.


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