I have no idea how Lauren Blakely does it. Every time I read one of her books I am sure this is her best book yet. Then I get to the end and read the teasers for the next one and I am sure that will be her best book yet. Then I think about all the previous books and I honestly couldn’t pick a favourite so I guess I should just admit it. I am a Lauren Blakely book whore and I am not ashamed.

I absolutely love how this set of stand alones are all slightly intertwined without me having to strain my goldfish memory trying to remember how any of them fit with the others because it really doesn’t matter. But then I stumble across a linked occurrence and get a case of warm fuzzies remembering the other couple commenting on the look exchanged or the other couple joins them for a double date and I remember how awesome their story was and start thinking about a re-read.

It’s like a warm blanket I just want to wrap myself up in ok sure I would probably be masturbating but you could hardly blame me with all the hotness coming off the Sexy One.

The sexual tension and sweetness was so perfectly balanced I feel like my heart was racing trying to figure out the will they or wont they jump each other now I couldn’t put the book down. And then we got to the sexy fun times and I was worried people around me would guess what I was reading and demand I leave the public places I was forced to be while trying to finish this awesome book.

There was so much to love about this book. Firstly Simon just OMG Simon. I don’t think there are many women out there who would argue that there is anything hotter than a great dad and throw in a drop dead sexy one and yup my ovaries are basically trying to throw themselves at him.

Then we get to the super sweet and beautiful Abby. I loved her. She is seriously what more female leads need to look like. I mean she was smart, caring, kind, independent and so damn self-assured it was perfect.

I love that the angst was soley based on the fact they didn’t want to cross the line and be not just a cliché or upset a system that was so perfect for everyone. It made the whole experience so much sweeter to not have stupid insecurities or misunderstandings clouding anything and that when shit could have gotten hard Abby and Simon just rolled with it and adulted to perfection.

So yup another massive hit from Lauren Blakely of course and now we only have to wait two whole, ridiculously long months for the next one. 


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