Ok so I read Bittersweet because Steadfast was being released and I had to read the series in order and I freaking loved it. But then I didn’t read Steadfast, even thought I had one clicked it and been dying to read it. So it’s sat in my kindle all judgy like waiting for my weird brain to decide that was what I was in the mood for until suddenly I realised Keepsake was being released and I had to read it and to top it all I got an ARC.

So why didn’t I read Steadfast when I one clicked it you ask?  Well obviously because I am a hugamungous idiot. Well that and having been exposed to addicts I was scared. I really liked Jude but I felt his struggle in Bittersweet and I had this idea in my head of how I thought the book was going to read and I just was never in the “right” mental place to read it (don’t ask me where the right place is because I have yet to visit it).

Then I sat down and read Steadfast and it was entirely not what I was expecting plot wise. I knew the writing was going to be perfect, Sarina Bowen doesn’t know any other way to write. And I knew the story would give me all the feels and I would love the book. I just figured the pain and suffering Jude was going to go through would have me in a sobbing mess.

What I didn’t count on was the pain and suffering Sophie was going through. I always figured Jude was the one affected by it all, again don’t ask me why. So being introduced to Sophie and hearing her side of the tragedy that broke them apart and seeing how his incarceration and drug addiction had affected him was heartbreaking. But damn was she one of the strongest heroines I have read in a while.

Seeing more of the amazing Shipley family was a very welcome addition to this book as well. I loved the interactions they had with Jude and Sophie and I am seriously hoping May will be getting a book soon.

This book was filled with such strength and love I feel like just reading has helped me to walk away a slightly better person. Ok maybe not but for the few hours it took me to read it I wasn’t making sarcastic comments so I will still count that as a win.

I loved everything about Sophie and Jude as a couple and getting the flashbacks to them before their separation was awesome. And now I can sneak off and read Keepsake because I am dying to get more of Zach even thought I am pretty sure his story is going to break me a little I have complete faith in Sarina Bowen to put all the broken pieces back together.

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