So this author is brand new to me but as soon as I read that blurb I was intrigued. Not just because of the naked sexy man in the swimming pool (although that was a huge selling point) but also because of the possibility of a funny and unique leading lady.

And that is exactly what I got. I loved every word of this story. It was different from what I was expecting since I had this idea that Leah was going to be a new age, flake that would make me laugh but who I wouldn’t be able to relate to in any way. And Myles sounded kinda like he had a stick in his arse so I expected there to be a lot of comedy when these two collided.

Myles had the perfect mix of growly, possessive alpha and sweet, sensitive caring guy to absolute perfection. I loved his brand of sarcasm and watching him fall for Leah and come to terms with her and her crazy friends. While Leah was just crazy, she was also so beautiful I couldn’t help but love her. There was so much sweet and funny in this story and I loved every second.

I did get quite a few giggles from both of these characters and I couldn’t put the book down. But what I didn’t expect was how much I genuinely liked them both and couldn’t wait to see how things were going to play out for them.  The secondary characters were great and I really enjoyed the writing.

Now I am off to stalk Allie Gail and see if she has any more books for me to run off and one click.


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