When I first read the blurb for this book I really wanted to read it but I knew my big girl panties would need to be pulled right up. It was obvious from the blurb that this was going to be one of those huge ugly cry books that need a bottle of wine and a box of tissues.

So when Missy offered me an ARC I was so wanting to read it and so scared to read it but I couldn’t say no. When it landed on my kindle my 16 year old daughter immediately stole it and read it and I can now officially tell you that little monster must be adopted. Why? After she finished the book she said “It was awesome you will love it.” Sounds good so far right? Yup, but when I asked was it sad will I cry like a baby? Her response was “it was sad and not what I expected but I didn’t cry at all when I read it.”

Cool I thought, I will read it while the boys have basketball training, what can go wrong? Well in short I cried and I cried and I fucking cried while messaging my husband to make sure our daughter doesn’t ever get to make any important end of life kind of decisions over us. Since obviously her feelings button is so broken.

From page one I was a mess yet so completely addicted. I mean damn how do you face the end of your life at 24? Well in Erin’s case she did it not just with dignity and grace but also with a heap of compassion for her friends and family but also with a kick arse sense of humour and a need to live every last minute of it to the fullest and I adored her. She was amazeballs.

Cade was one of those characters who grew on me. At the start he had so much of his own drama going on but when it’s literally written on the pages next to a girl facing the end of her life I just wanted to junk punch him and tell him to suck it up. But before you think he is an insensitive acehole once he met her he put his own shit into perspective pretty quickly and he was just beautiful.

The best part of this book for me was that despite the fact I cried buckets of tears reading it I also laughed out loud (yes I looked like a crazy person but the basketball mums are used to me now so the men in white jackets weren’t called). The amount of pure emotions that were pulled out of me reading this book stunned me. 

Ok so I am not in anyway going to tell you how the story ends since from the blurb my daughter and I both had completely different ideas on how this all was going to go and I think you need to experience it yourself but what I will tell you is that all the drama that Cade went through and overcame with the help of the perfect Erin was so well wrapped up with one big fucking exception but even my vengeful little conscience can understand and forgive that.

So for now I am off to buy a bottle of wine and maybe look into some kind of therapy for my normally lovely daughter. 


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