So obviously, Sarina Bowen could write a tampon ad and I would have to read it. And since she is one of very few authors who the leading characters gender makes very little difference even though the m/m genre isn't one I actively search out. And yet every single one of her books has been such a massive hit for me.

I hadn't heard of the original version of this book so when I got the opportunity to read this one I just read the blurb and dove right on in. I was expecting a lot of angst and heartbreak. I am incredibly happy to say there wasn't a lot of either and instead I got an absolutely beautiful love story. But in true Sarina Bowen form it did also include some smoking hot sex scenes.

The book is told in large sections of alternate point of views continuing on from each other. But it also includes a lot of background information and the details on the cult and their lives within it were so detailed I felt like I was there with them.

I love the fact that having read the true north series I already knew a little bit about paradise from Leah and Isaac. And although it had no impact on the story and wouldn't matter if you hadn't read them it just added a little something to the story for me.

The secondary characters in this were as beautiful as the main men and despite the fact I did shed a few tears this was just an all round sweet story. Caleb and Josh were the perfect heroes and watching them enter and adapt to a whole new world had me up to 3am because there was no way I could put the book down.

This is one of those rare reads where everything worked so perfectly that I want there to be another ten books in their story just so I can stay with them. Honestly even if m/m isn't your thing you need to read this book.


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