Legally charming is exactly as the name says. It was a completely charming read that was angst and drama light and was exactly what I needed for a relaxing long weekend read.

This story was told in dual pov so as soon as I got inside Jared's head I was swooning. And to be honest it isn't that often I get a good swoon. He was sweet and caring but he had a massive case of the growling, possessive, domineering too. I am not sure if I loved him most when he was turning her over the lounge threatening to spank her or wrapping her in blankets and talking sweet to her.

Alright I admit it I think I love him most because he managed to pull off both sides without it sounding stupid. Before I get too carried away in my lust fog I will admit he did a few stupid things but sadly for women everywhere that's normal for men and he was quick to fix it so I did give him a pass.

 Felicity was OK for most of the book but she did a few of the things that drive me crazy in a heroine.

Firstly before anyone thinks I am anti feminist I am not, however if you start a relationship and one of you has a permanent house and well established career and you are just about to finish your college degree, your future job application hasn't been handed in to a highly competitive position that you possibly have no chance of being considered for then maybe you should realise that that isn't more important. It drives me nuts in real life when people buy trouble over what COULD happen. I actually had to put the book down and walk away from her for a bit.

I understood she had a dream she had worked towards for years but she was so worried about the possibility of the end she was jeopardising her now and what she had was awesome.

Sorry rant over. And despite my whining like a little bitch I thoroughly enjoyed the story and I loved Jared and once Felicity pulled her head out of her arse I didn't mind her either. So despite the fact I probably would have slapped her I did really enjoy it all and highly recommend it just if you're sensitive to the same issues maybe read it with a bottle of wine to take the edge off.


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