The Woodlands series is one of those series that I will literally drop everything for. Since the very first book I fell in love not just with the perfect writing style of Jen Frederick but with all of the amazing characters she produces. So as soon as a new Woodlands series is released I know I am going to sit down with a character I already know and love and get the opportunity to fall in love with another one.

I was a little nervous when I saw this one was Adam’s story. See I really love Adam but he was such a massive manwhore and I am not a huge fan of rock star romances generally (groupies aren’t my thing) so I was apprehensive about what we were going to get. I knew I would love it I was just scared I was going to tie my stomach in knots dealing with angst and drama.

I should have had more faith in my beloved Jen. Adam was just the perfect book boyfriend from page one. He fell so hard and so fast and was so sweet and devoted and just damn I want one BUT then he was also this pierced and tatted rock god who could throw out dirty talk and back it up. I didn’t know if I was going to swoon or spontaneously combust.

Then of course there was Landry. She was totes adorbs. I really liked that she was part shy, insecure, computer geek with a streak of steel. Like most of Jen’s characters she was multifaceted and felt so real. Plus we got all of the other band members and their families and a little bit of the original Woodlands couples to just add another great part of this great series.

If you haven’t met the men of Woodlands you have no excuses since Jen has them all on sale and if you’re lucky the first one might even still be free. And if you have already met them all then please message me so we can gush over how perfect Adam was as a boyfriend. Oh and you can check out my other reviews for this series right here


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