Sometimes after reading a highly emotional or angst heavy book I find myself in a book hangover that I can’t shake. I have over 500 books on my kindle (what can I say I am a hoarder) and a dozen ARCs I am due to read yet I spend hours and hours searching Goodreads for something to catch my attention.

Sadly after all of this scouring, when all I want to do is chill out with a good book but I can’t get my head out of the last book, I still couldn’t find a single thing to read and I was worried any book I read I wouldn’t be able to do justice to. But then I checked out the ARCs I needed to read and when I read the blurb for this it sounded like exactly what I needed. And as luck would have it the book was exactly as described and was the perfect cure for my hangover.

Emma has had a crush on Zach since she first met him, unfortunately she also made the mistake of introducing him to her older self-centred sister. Now years later everyone has moved on and her sister is getting married to Zach’s best friend.  And Zach and Emma are forced together in their roles as maid of honor and best man.

Well obviously sparks fly and these two hook up. But due to Zach’s history as a love them and leave them kind of guy Emma assumes it’s just a wedding hook up and is scared to let her high school crush get the better of her. Zach didn’t enter his relationship with Emma without knowing the type of woman Emma is.

So there’s a little bit of drama but mainly it’s just sweet with a little bit of steamy sex and a heap of awesome chemistry. The secondary characters were great. Which all helped to make this a fun and easy way to spend the afternoon and I can’t wait to see the rest of the characters get their stories.


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