I feel like I have been waiting forever for Nova. Ever since the climactic reveal of who Rachel was I knew I had to know their story and damn it was a ride. But of course Rebecca Yarros always knows exactly which strings to pull to wrap me up in a ball of nerves and anticipation.

There was so much to this story that I don’t know what to say without spoiling anything for you. It felt like every time I got to an aha moment there was a whole other layer that still needed to be peeled back for me to cry a little more over. Not that this was a book that had me in floods of tears just that the writing is so perfect that I felt every emotion these characters went through.

For a lot of the book I didn’t like Nova and to be honest I don’t necessarily know that I like him now. Don’t get me wrong he did make up for his mistakes and I completely understood why he did it I just wouldn’t be able to get passed it personally. Unless there was a lot more grovelling, but that’s just my personality and I do understand why Rachel did and it didn’t take anything away from the story but I still really want to kick his arse.

Rachel was amazing and for me this whole book was all about how beautiful she was and how strong. I really couldn’t have asked for a more kick arse heroine. Every time I wondered how much more could she go through without curling into a ball and crying for the rest of the book she rallied and did something that just made me love her more.

As always the characters were great and the story was even better and I am so glad I sat down and read it as soon as the pre-order hit my kindle. If you haven’t read Wilder yet I highly recommend reading that first, you can find my review for it here.



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