Ok so I loved The Bartender and the little tease we got for this book was enough to have me waiting with baited breath for the release of this one. But of course there is always that concern that this book isn’t going to live up to all that I have built it up to in my head. And since The Bartender is the only book by Piper Rayne I have read I was doubly scared it was a fluke. Two pages in and I knew I was good.

The Boxer was awesome. We had the same great characters and a perfect continuation of a story that I was dying to see resolved. Thankfully we didn’t have to wait long for the release so my goldfish brain could remember who everyone was and how they all fit together. I got the humour I loved along with the warm fuzzies and just the perfect touch of angst and drama.

So I have to admit it was almost all about Lucas for me even though the book was told entirely from Tahlia’s point of view or maybe specifically for that reason. He was the perfect book boyfriend. Didn’t hurt that he was an insanely sexy possessive, protective, alpha, boxer. The chemistry between them was so strong and the instant attraction was so much fun to watch.

Tahlia had been through so much with Chase that it was really good to see her with a guy so different to him who treated her like she deserved to be treated. But damn I was really hoping to see Chase get hit by a bus or have a piano land on him. But I guess I am in the minority of wanting to see vengeance in my romance. Lol

And now that Lennon is up next I just know there is going to be a whole heap of crazy mixed in with the sweet and I really can’t wait to see the continuation of both Cole and Whit and Lucas and Tahlia.



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