So I only recently read In A Rangers Arms and I was intrigued by these men from At Ease ranch, so when I saw the opportunity to read Her Secret Ranger I jumped all over it.

I wasn’t sure who’s sister Beth was so I was a little unsure of how the story was going to go since each of the men had their own individual personalities and backstories so I was a little scared that there was going to be a lot more drama than just the usual don’t date my baby sister decree. Brick I knew was a one and done, hence his nickname Romeo so I knew she was going to have to be something pretty special.

From the first page this book didn’t play out at all how I expected it to and I really enjoyed all the little loops the author threw in that made this a unique twist on what is a very clich├ęd subject. Now obviously this was one of those times that my goldfish brain worked in my favour as I had forgotten a few minor details from the first book so as I clicked on it was a nice little “oh yeah” moment which gave me some warm fuzzies.

The chemistry between these two was great and there was plenty of smoking hot sex to make me fan myself as I went along. Obviously there had to be a little drama or the book would be a little flat but it was really well written and even though I wanted to smack Brick with his namesake we eventually got there and got a really nice HEA and I absolutely can’t wait for the next book in the series.

So if your chasing a nice, sweet, drama light book with sexy cowboys and a few steamy sex scenes thrown in this is a great series to dive into. It can be read as a standalone however this one picks up straight after the first book and they are so short and sweet there’s no harm in reading that one first. Oh and don’t worry Lula Belle pays a visit in this one too.


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