Coming off two almost back to back top reads of the year I knew my next read had a fair bit to live up to. After having read this blurb I figured this book would be the ideal funny light-hearted story to break the ice.

I really need to learn to just put books down without finishing them when they aren't working for me. Because by 20% I knew this wasn't the book for me but I still had to see it through for some stupid reason only the depths of my brain knows.

So the book wasn't bad it just wasn't the type of comedy I prefer. There were moments that made me laugh but the book felt like it was trying to be smart and teach me a lesson and I am not a fan of that.

Also as characters Will and Mal annoyed me endlessly. Seriously the ten year reunion scene had me wanting to smack them both in the head. And the secondary characters were just as bad. Sometimes I wasn't sure if they were actually  friends or just people stuck in close proximity to each other. And the nicknames just no.

Who's parents gate crash their date, make comments about their daughters virginity to the date? But then what kind of jerk just leaves in the middle of the date because of the parents after she has told you how sensitive she is after her horrific dating experience? I guess the family and partner of a girl who didn't call a single one of them out on it and went on a second date without wanting an explanation of his behavior.

So yeah i should have put it down. Instead I pushed through and now I am complaining so I guess I am right up there with Mal. Sorry guys.


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