Ilsa is such an awesome writer, when it comes to new adult, sports romance she can't be beaten. She is one of those automatic one click authors and as soon as I saw this one I was so excited I jumped all over that sign up.

But when I first started reading this I was so nervous, I thought I knew where this was going to go and I didn't want it to. I should have had more faith but since I didn't I was so thankfully to be wrong. The anticipated drama still hit me in the feels.

This book was all about Sugar for me. She was so sweet and I really did love her. I wanted more for her from the very start. And since I am so vengeful I will admit that part of that could have been her ex crying in a corner with a broken nose or crushed testicles.

Zack wasn't bad but it took him way too long to pull his head out of his arse for my liking and when he did I would have liked to see a lot more grovel. But with that all said I did like him and I felt so bad for everything he went through. And seeing him man up and sort out all the different aspects of his life was great.

The epilogue was perfect and I am seriously hoping that the secondary characters will be getting their own stories as they were all so interesting.Overall this was a great read and I can't wait to one click the next Ilsa Madden Mills book no matter who it's about.


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