So I am a really huge fan of Linda's Forbidden Men series. Like obsessively fan girl kind of fan. But with everything going on in my life I somehow missed this book sneaking up on me. But as I sat down and read the first chapter I knew it and I was stressing out that I had already read it somehow until I realised it was a teaser in a previous read and my little goldfish brain clued in to how obsessed I had been over that teaser way way back when that I still remembered it almost word for word and then I was even more excited to read this.

But OMG did I mention how much is going on in our damn real life trying to drag me away from reading. All I wanted to do was hide in a corner and read this book but somehow it took me three days of it being constantly on my mind. And that's after I clued in to Helpless Henry after the third installment.

Honestly Haven and Wick were just everything. They are the epitome of new adult college romance leading characters. Wick is the best book boyfriend ever. And poor Haven managing to be so kick arse after her massive acehole ex-boyfriend and everything he put them through. Just sigh.

And of course the secondary characters were perfect. And I loved the tiny little snippets of the Forbidden Men family through this because even though we didn't get nearly enough of them (let's be honest there probably never could be enough of them) we still got enough to make us all think of them and let out dreamy sighs.

So yeah this book was perfect. It was nothing like the Forbidden Men series but naturally it has the same amazing writing and perfect characters and I loved it to pieces. And to be honest I don't know if i want more Forbidden Men offspring or some Cannon or maybe one of Wicks sisters or Linda could just get busy and get to work on all of the above please and thank you.

Side note how beautiful is that cover?

I guess to sum up this book is awesome and if you like New Adult, college romance one click this now and dive on in. And if you're new to Linda Kage, crawl out from under your rock and get reading.


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